My pledge to Dolton

I am sensitive to the needs of the Village and firmly believe that government should be a body of trust, and everyone who serves the Village is a trustee either hired or elected, for the benefit of the people.

As Mayor, I pledge:

  • No business owner will have to tolerate being bullied or subject to “pay to play” demands. Nor shall there be any harassment tactics imposed upon them or their employees.
  • The blatant disrespect and the breaking of promises shown by the current administration will stop.
  • There will be equitable and efficient services for all the people of Dolton
  • To make neighborhood safety supported by respectful law enforcement and firefighting professionals prepared to intervene quickly and manage emergencies effectively a priority.
  • To bring businesses that provide much-needed goods and services to the residents.
  • To providing responsive public works, and homeownership programs.
  • To provide proficient payment center services.
  • To work to ensure that every home participates in the digital water meter program for more accurate billing services.
  • Implement a Resident Advisory Board, consisting of citizens of various ages, including seniors and youth.