The Dream Team

Tiffany Henyard for Mayor

Tiffany Henyard is the Senior Trustee of Dolton, and a lifelong resident of the Village.  Tiffany understands the need of people because she was raised by hardworking parents, who were factory workers.  Tiffany is a proud, high honors graduate, of Thornridge High School, right in the Village of Dolton.  Tiffany is an entrepreneur/business owner, and well adept at executing, managing and administrating an organization.  Tiffany has championed many initiatives for transparency and accountability for the Village, having pushed for best practices and oversight for the warrant list of Dolton, as well as, led the movement for the approval of an integrated forensic audit of the Village of Dolton’s finances.

Tiffany has always shown concern for the citizens of Dolton, having created the “Water Relief Voucher” program.  She is known as “The People’s Trustee” because she’s fearless, a strong leader, and a committed voice in the fight against corruption and crime, and a staunch advocate for government policy reform, social justice, and health care awareness. Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Business Administration with the highest honors, summa cum laude, from Robert Morris University.

Jason House for Trustee

Jason House has been a resident of the Village of Dolton for more than 25 years.  Jason has served as Trustee for the Village of Dolton since 2017, and currently serves as the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  With a solid 20 years of expertise in the finance industry, Jason had the privilege of working for U.S. Bank in Dolton, as the Bank Manager for over 10 years providing financial knowledge on financial literacy, lending opportunities, and community reinvestment programs.  As Bank Manager, Jason earned the distinguished, 2013 Community Service Award from Dolton Park District, and was honored with The Good Citizenship Award from Roseland Ceasefire. 

Jason is dependable and responsive to the needs of Dolton residents and is often sought out to offer policy and procedure recommendations, and articulate complex financial data. 

In addition to his influential role as a Trustee of the Village of Dolton, Jason serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Minority Contractors, Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois, and works as an independent agent for the Insurance Exchange to ensure that minorities have a better understanding of the policies, and access to quality insurance coverage.  A University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana graduate, Jason earned holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. 

Kiana Belcher, Trustee

Kiana Belcher has a passion for the residents of the Village of Dolton.  As a resident for 17 years, she has grown to love and adore the Village, and is a proactive resident who does not hold back when it comes to standing as a leading force for justice and safety for Dolton.  Kiana is an entrepreneur/business owner and was an educator for seven (7) years.  She is currently the Chief Financial Officer for a 3rd Party Containment Company.  Kiana believes in the Dolton community, and serves as the Vice President of the Concerned Citizens of the Dolton Community Organization.  Kiana is a member of the Illinois Democratic Women.  Kiana is a proud member and has served as the Vice President, Treasurer, and Membership Chair of the Far South Suburban Branch of the NAACP. 

Kiana, a member of the Order of Eastern Star, has a mission to ensure cohesiveness and accountability for Dolton, through collaboration of the citizens, elected officials and business owners.  She envisions herself as being a positive voice to make the community a better place.  Kiana gives of herself unselfishly, being a single mother of two Foster children. 

Kiana graduated from Percy Julian High School, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Governors State University in Criminal Justice, and a Master of Arts degree, from Governors State University in Political Science.

Kevin Boens, Trustee

Kevin Boens is a Cook County Sheriff Police Investigator assigned to the Street Crime Suppression Unit (SCSU) where his main focus is to rid areas he patrols of guns & drugs. Kevin’s vision is help Dolton’s Police force to use some of the effective tactics he has learned. Kevin has been a resident of Dolton for 9yrs. A licensed and ordained minister, Kevin is the Co-Host of a internet radio program, on the P.O.E.T Network. He’s also an active member the P.O.E.T (People of Extraordinary Talent), Community Activist Organization, serving the communities across Illinois.

Kevin has dedicated his life to the service of others, feeding & clothing the homeless, and mentoring young boys and girls, a service he hopes to model as Trustee of Dolton. Kevin is a Martial Arts instructor and wants to bring programs that help youth and young adults learn how to effectively deal with anger and stress. Kevin is currently the Colligate Chairman of the United Martial Arts Association, as well as the Review Advisor for Baker’s Dojo. Kevin is the Founder/President of S.K.O.O.P – STOP KILLING OUR OWN PEOPLE, non-profit organization, which brings awareness to the pandemic of Black-on-Black crime. Kevin is a former Union Steward of Teamsters Local 700 and understands the rights of employees, as well as, the roles of supervisors in the workplace.

Kevin is an author “A Book of Messages Which Society Can’t Control”, Motivational Speaker, Actor, Songwriter, Playwright and has received several prestigious awards which shines a light on his skills as well as his leadership. Kevin Boens is a natural born-leader and is ready for the task. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Safety Management, and a Master of Public Administration in Public Safety Administration, both from Calumet College of St. Joseph

Alison Key, Clerk

Alison Key has been a resident of Dolton for over 30 years.  She has served as the Director of Resident Services and Community Outreach for the Chicago Housing Authority for 30 years.  She serves as the Vice President of Growing and Advancing People for Success, (GAPS), a non-profit organization, whose goal is to identify funding and other resources in the south suburban communities for employment opportunities, college scholarships and healthcare.  Alison added to her housing credentials, working as a Property Manager for the Cook County Housing Authority for three (3) years.  She diligently volunteers her time to ensure that the Village of Dolton enjoys some of the same services and programs she has implemented at the various housing authorities.

She was the proud President of the Dolton Park District Booster Club where she raised funds to support programs for children, young adults, and seniors.  For the past 10 years she has partnered with an organization to provide over 10,000 coats to Dolton and other surrounding south suburban communities, for youth and adults.  Alison has volunteered, for 15 years, for 2nd Voice Language and Speech Cancer Support, at Oak Forest Hospital, and is a current member, and Chair of the Community Development Committee, of the Far South Suburban Branch of the NAACP.

Alison is a born-leader and has received several prestigious awards which highlight her leadership, mentoring and coaching skills.  Alison attended Chicago State University for Business Administration, and Loyola University for Project Management.