About Tiffany

I am Tiffany Henyard, candidate for Mayor of the Village of Dolton, Illinois.  I’m currently the Senior Trustee of Dolton, and a lifelong resident of the Village, raised by hardworking parents who were factory workers.  I am known as “The People’s Trustee” because I am fearless, a strong leader, and a committed voice in the fight against corruption and crime, and a staunch advocate for government policy reform, social justice, and health care awareness.

I am a proud, high honors graduate, of Thornridge High School, and I earned a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Business Administration with the highest honors, summa cum laude, from Robert Morris University.

I am an entrepreneur/business owner, and well adept at executing, managing and administrating an organization, having owned and operated a business even during my high school years.  I now own and operate the popular business called “GOOD BURGER™” Restaurant.  Being a business owner and a single mother, helps me to understand the needs of both the business community and everyday people.

I love the Village of Dolton, and my desire to serve the Dolton community started during my youth when I was involved with community service activities. It disheartened me to observe that some of our residents and businesses were disenfranchised and not treated fairly, while others prospered.  Certain neighborhoods and businesses were served properly, while others were neglected resulting in housing blight, business closures, upticks in crime, higher taxes and poorer services.

When I realized that the inequities I observed as a youth continued, I ran and won as Village Trustee.  However, since being elected, I know that that in order to bring real change, I need to be the Mayor. While I know there are challenges, I want to transform and revitalize our wonderful village and have a government for the people as promised by our forefathers.

I am committed to removing the veil of secrecy from the financial matters of the Village. Transparency and accountability are crucial prongs of my reform plan. Should we be in error, we shall own it.  I will insist on a respectful, service-oriented culture, using proven management principles with a sense of fairness, without favoritism for the few.  The government by deception will stop.

Residents, I recognize the COVID pandemic has caused distress and anxiety in us all.  Resources are limited, but that shall not be an excuse not to provide you with core services your hard-earned tax dollars pay for.

Initiatives & Awards

Here are a few initiatives I have brought to the Village of Dolton and awards earned:

  • Championed Best Practices & Oversight for Warrant List
  • Led Movement for Approval of Integrated Forensic Audit of Village Finances
  • Championed Fight Against Water Shut-Offs for Residents
  • Created the “Water Relief Voucher” to Help Residents Pay Water Bills
  • Purchased, Donated & Delivered Free Food to Seniors and Residents during COVID-19 Crisis
  • Purchased & Donated PPE Supplies to Residents in Need
  • Organized the Stop the Violence March 2019
  • Organized & Hosted Cancer Walk & Women Fight Against Breast Cancer Banquet
  • Named South Suburban News Woman of Distinction 2020
  • Recipient of the Early Award
  • Recipient of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign/Human Rights Defender Award
  • Developed Partnership with Tech firm to deliver medication to Residents during times of Public Emergency.
  • Recipient of the Dorothy Brown & New Millennium Women for Change – Government Commitment Award
  • Chicago Honors “Community Activist of the Year Award”
  • Recipient of the prestigious “Queens Award” for Service to Community during COVID-19 Crisis